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My Classsmate Cannot Create a Profile

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 07/10/08 06:22 PM Views: 1300 Replies: 1
Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 6:22 PM

I have created a class website and have sent an invite to another classmate (the 1st). She is unable to get is what happens....
From the home page...she clicks on
If you need an account,
go to Classmate Profiles
and click on your name.

which takes her to the classmate list...
she clicks on her name.....
and gets this response
Sorry, you must be logged in to view this Profile. Please log in from the home page.

She has not created a password. It seems to just be going in circles. I did read your FAQ's and tested it from my computer...deleted temp files and cookies, but still doesn't work for me. Any suggestions?
thank you!

Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 6:37 PM - Response #1

This situation is a catch 22 that you have created by editing this Classmate's Profile and clicking on the checkbox that restricsts the Profile to viewing by only logged in fellow Classmates. Never check this box for a Classmate who has not yet joined your site. You can fix this by going back to the Classmate's Profile Details and editing the Classmate's profile yourself again. Just uncheck the checkbox that is restricting this Profile to viewing by only logged in Classmates.

Here's the logic beind this: To create an account your Classmate has to click on her own name to see their Profile, then at the bottom of the page the Classmate can join your site by clicking on the join link. But your Classmate cannot see her own Profile because you have pre restricted it to only logged in fellow Classmates. The problem is, she can't possibly log in because she can't get to her Pofile to create an account in the first place because it's restricted... If you restrict a Classmate's profile to viewing by fellow Classmates before they have joined your site, you will be stoping the Classmate from joining your site until you have removed this restriction.

Edited 07/10/08 6:38 PM
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