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Event Planner won't activate

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 07/31/15 10:32 PM Views: 676 Replies: 6
Friday, July 31, 2015 at 10:32 PM

We are planning a special event (visit to a winery) and I put together a page for the event, using the Event Planner. The preview looks fine so I checked the Active box. But the page - Winery Tour Pepin WI only has the title on top of a black empty page.

I've even followed the path:
Edit site pages> Winery Tour Pepin WI > Edit Link and the Active box is checked.

How can I solve this???

Friday, July 31, 2015 at 11:58 PM - Response #1

When you edit the event in the event planner, at the very top, you see this:
   Unpublished Changes Last Saved 7/31/2015 9:51pm    
An event needs to be PUBLISHED for anyone to see it. Click the "Publish >>>" button at the top-right side of the screen.

Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 12:27 AM - Response #2

Thanks for the speedy solution to my problem!!Very Happy

Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 11:51 AM - Response #3

I had the same problem when I first made our event, then again when I updated the content. I kept forgetting to "publish" it. Glad it's an easy fix. Have fun with your gathering.

Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 3:31 PM - Response #4

I have looked at the Event Planner page and all the related pages. There is no Publish button that in the top right corner of any of the pages. I tried 2 different browswers, nothing.

Is there a server problem?


Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 6:08 PM - Response #5

I just tried starting a new event. It appears to be working. I'm using Chrome. Maybe it was just a glitch earlier today.

We held our reunion in June and I really enjoyed all the new features of the Event Planner. Hope it's working for you now Roy.

Good luck!

Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 6:21 PM - Response #6


I looked at your EVENT PLANNER, EDIT, EDIT THIS EVENT page and there is a "Publish >>>" button in the top-right of the page. It is a GREEN button. Try clicking that.

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