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What's New most entries are now gone

Forums: General Discussion
Created on: 09/05/23 03:37 PM Views: 109 Replies: 2
Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 3:37 PM

I have lost most of my postings on the menu item "What's New". I really need them back. I don't know what happened. My current first posting is a Pin item. Then, is an older posting I was reviewing yesterday, and then a current one I added yesterday.

Can someone help me.

Thanks, Bev

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 4:56 PM - Response #1

There was a post on 9/4 that contained some excess code. I wasn't able to Edit it, however, deleting it allowed the rest of what's new to display.

It was a video about 50 years of pop culture. Unfortunately the code around it was unusual - not standard embed code or using the youtube button in the editor.

Class Creator Support

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 10:17 PM - Response #2

Thank you so much for the fix.


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