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Frustrated & need your advice...

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Created on: 09/28/09 02:18 PM Views: 1339 Replies: 1
Monday, September 28, 2009 at 2:18 PM

Hello Everyone -
Our class reunion is THIS WEEKEND and we are very unhappy with the response we have received from our classmates. I hate to say this but you can't take some people for their word anymore. We've had RSVP's online & in person but most will not back it up with their money. I made alot of personal contacts today only to find out that more will not be attending but didn't bother to let us know. Our event is catered and I need to turn in the head-count today, but at this point we can't afford him b/c we are having far less than we anticipated. I'm afraid we may have some people show up unannounced. How do we plan and handle that situation? Turn them away b/c its a reservation only event OR have them pay at the door {and get some of our $$ back} but tell them their meal is not included? I don't want an awkward situation at the door but I'm afraid we may have no other choice. How would you suggest moving forward with this dilemma?

Stressed and disappointed!

Monday, September 28, 2009 at 11:54 PM - Response #1

Malissa, I can certainly understand your anxiety about this. I didn't find anywhere where you gave a definitive deadline for sending in the money. People are really flaky unless they have deadlines, warnings and nagging and so they lag. My classmates are no exception and it gets very frustrating. I am BIG on the nagging part. It is important that we have headcounts and the cash in hand so we can plan. Lots of people don't understand that, so you have to become a little ruthless and remind and NAG alot.

At this point, because it is so close, you most likely won't get much more in the way of money...lots of people paying at the door. Of course, you must have had to have given a firm number to your caterer( not sure the agreement you have with them).

That IS the way it is. You made it clear that the $30 at the door did not include dinner..and there is not much more you can do at this late date. Maybe have a plan B....hhhmmmm, a suggestion as to where else they could eat? Have your registration people simply explain the situation. "I don't seem to see record of your payment/dinner reservation, but....

I wish you the best. Planning these things are fun, but can be stressful. Relax and try and not worry. Your info was clear and if people don't read and acknowledge what they need to know, it's not on you. Things usually work out somehow.

You have done a great job and I wish you the best....Bonita

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