Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 12:50 PM

We have already embedded the code for about 4 different slide shows of pictures that reside at a Picasa site. One of the folders at that site has well over 300 hundred photos in the slide show and another of the folders has close to 200 photos.

Our questions are: a) are there any relative advantages of using Flickr vs. Picasa for doing this and b) if we would like to have the ability of classmates to have their photos shown and uploaded given the vault capacity limitations of our class creator account would it be easier for classmates to learn and upload to Picasa or to Flickr.

Or c) should classmates just email photos to a couple of co-administrators at a time and then have the co-administrators create the slide show at Flickr or Picasa (and if so whether you all believe Picasa is easier to learn or Picasa)?