Monday, June 1, 2015 at 2:42 PM

I am trying to learn what comments can be turned off by Hide Comments and which ones cannot be turned off.
I wish to be able to advise my classmates how to use this feature.
So far I have tested this feature by posting a general comment for the Profile of one classmate and also posting a comment on one of his specific entries. Both comments show up under my Profile in Tom's Latest Interactions. When I click on Hide Comments, the general comment remains but the comment on the specific entry disappears. I have no idea how affects things on my classmates Profile and I also don't know what comments of mine a third classmate might see when visiting the Profile on which I posted the comments.

What comments can I therefore hide and from whom. And which Hide Comments should I click on if I don't want another person's Profile to show my comments to third parties (i.e. classmates who are members of the site and viewing another classmate's Profile).
Thanks for your help.