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Statistics - Last Logins: Could this show multiple previous log-in dates ?

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Created on: 07/17/15 03:44 PM Views: 768 Replies: 1
Friday, July 17, 2015 at 3:44 PM

re: Statistics - Last Logins

How hard would it be to show the previous 5 times that a classmate had logged onto the site ?

I watch this screen daily to see which classmates are logging on to the website. For me, it's great information.

There are some classmates who log-on daily or almost daily... others who might come to the site once a week, or once a month... and others for whom this is the first time they've logged on in a year or two... or longer.

How about:
If the data were to include the previous 3 or 4 or 5 times that they've logged on (a minimum of 5 times is preferred), then the Site Administer could see when was the time or times PREVIOUS to this last time that they came to the website.

For the people who log on regularly, they are enjoying the website, and I'm not concerned about them. They are "into it."
But for the classmate who has come to the site after being away for one or two years... that's interesting. What has brought them to the website ?

Could this be implemented ? Thanks !

Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 3:15 PM - Response #1

Just commenting on the feature you describe.

The "Last Login" is a single date field. It is shown on the Statistics page. It is also shown on the Manage Classmates, Enter/Edit Classmates page. It is also a field that can be selected for download when you download the class list.

Having the date as a single field is easy, having multiple fields would be more difficult.

How would the field show up in the "download Classmates, Last Login" column? Would you see all 5 dates in one column? Would you see 5 different columns?
What would display on the Manage Classmates, Enter/Edit Classmates page? Would only the last login date show, or would all five dates show? If all five, it would mess up the formatting of the page and look strange.
The formatting of the Statistics page would also be messed up with the feature you describe. How would that column sort with five different dates there?

I am not saying it is a bad feature request, but that it gets complicated.

Any ideas how to make it not so complicated?

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